Farming is Funner with Family!

Picture of the Farm


From humble beginnings to large-scale operation, Prasko Farms started with the purchase of Ground-Zero, our house, in 1998. From there, Steve and Lynette created roots and started to create a family homestead. Through hard work and steadfast Faith, Ground-Zero grew from two to three occupants in 2002. Then in 2003, three became four. And in 2007, four became five. With the second generation growing and a slow growth of assets, it was time for expansion. Soon, the LeRoy Annex joined the ranks of land and now, Prasko Farms has stretched to include Lynette's childhood home. The farm also grew to include many animals, such as our long-time dog, Pudge, his daughter, Nugget, probably hundreds of cats (notably Tom and Ghost), and the occasional goats like MJ.

Picture of Family